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Crunch bars are REALLY yummy.
virginia tech
im in ANOTHER period by period mood. Crazy stuff, you see. there. no. THERE. ahahahha. fooled you.

Biology: WE had a sub, watched some movie abuot DNA, and i got a GOOD 45 minutes of solid sleep. Praise the lord. Except when i woke up (after someone poked me) the sub was staring at me. So ii have to wake up the guy next to me. Then i realized i had lines on my face cause i slept on my arm in my RIBBED sweater. ahahah.

Gym: FRICKIN FIRE DRILL. Worst time too, cause we were all in shorts and t-shirts. Ahh, so cold. I attempted to break into the cars in order to steal someone's cell phone and call 1-800-23P-ARKA. So i could order some eskimo coats for us.

History: ANGRY LADY ANGRY LADY. But, guess what. I have the ONLY A in that class. TEEHEE.

Lunch: Not too interesting.. something happened. Can't.. OH! Fashion and Sports Marketing were giving out prizes. I won a lollipop. Which Morgan then threw across the room and BROKE.. douchebag. Except not really. Yes, though. Sort of.

English: not so angry lady. But, guess what. I HAVE THE HIGHEST A IN THAT CLASS. Teeehe. thats 2 classes where i have the highest grade. (oh, im sorry. im probably bragging. i dont mean to. im just super excited.)

Math: 92 on my test. woot.

Then i worked and earned $22.75. Cash. Yum.

This has been a good, good, good week.


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